Various Common Rail Injectors

  • Part Number: Various
  • Model Number: Various Common Rail Injectors
  • OEM Part Number: Various
  • Application: Passenger car and commercial applications using Common Rail Injection. Here are some examples:
    Ashok Leyland's CRS Engines (used in U Truck and E4 Busses)
    BharatBenz's 4d34i Engines (used in 914R and 1214R)
    BMW's D-engines (also used in the Land Rover Freelander TD4)
    Chevrolet's VCDi (licensed from VM Motori)
    Cummins and Scania's XPI (Developed under joint venture)
    Cummins CCR (Cummins pump with Bosch Injectors)
    Daimler's CDI (and on Chrysler's Jeep vehicles simply as CRD)
    Fiat Group's (Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia) JTD (also branded as MultiJet, JTDm, Ecotec CDTi, TiD, TTiD, DDiS, Quadra-Jet)
    Ford Motor Company's TDCi Duratorq and Powerstroke
    Honda's i-CTDi & i-DTEC
    Hyundai & Kia's CRDi
    IKCO's EFD which is one of the members of the EF family. Supplier TBD
    Isuzu's iTEQ
    Komatsu's Tier3, Tier4, 4D95 and higher - HPCR series Diesel engines.
    Mahindra's CRDe
    Mazda's MZR-CD & Skyactiv-D (1.4 MZ-CD, 1.6 MZ-CD manufactured by joint venture Ford/PSA Peugeot Citroën) and earlier DiTD
    Mitsubishi's DI-D (recently developed 4N1 engine family uses next generation 200 MPa (2000 bar) injection system))
    Nissan's dCi, Infiniti uses dCi engines, but not branded as dCi.
    Opel's CDTI
    Proton's SCDi
    PSA Peugeot Citroën's HDI or HDi (1.4HDI, 1.6 HDI, 2.0 HDI, 2.2 HDI and V6 HDI developed under joint venture with Ford)
    Renault's dCi (joint venture with Nissan)
    SsangYong's XDi (most of these engines are manufactured by Daimler AG)
    Subaru's Legacy TD (as of Jan 2008)
    Tata's DICOR & CR4
    Toyota's D-4D & D-Cat
    Volkswagen Group: The 6.0 V12 TDI, 4.2 TDI (V8), 2.7 and 3.0 TDI (V6), 1.6, 2.0 TDI (L4) and 1.2 TDI (L3) engines featured on current Seat, Skoda, VW and Audi models use common rail, as opposed to the earlier unit injector engines.
    Volvo 2.4D and D5 engines (1.6D, 2.0D manufactured by Ford and PSA Peugeot Citroen), Volvo Penta D-serie engines
    Wärtsilä-Sulzer 14RT-flex96-C "largest reciprocating engine in the world" designed by the Finnish manufacturer Wärtsilä
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  • Description:

    Common rail direct fuel injection is a modern variant of direct fuel injection system for petrol and diesel engines.

    On diesel engines, it features a high-pressure (over 2,000 bar or 30,000 pis) fuel rail feeding individual solenoid valves, as opposed to low-pressure fuel pump feeding unit injectors. Latest generation common rail diesels now feature piezoelectric injectors for increased precision, with fuel pressures reaching 3,000 bar or 45,000 psi. 

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