Turbochargers NZ Ltd are disributors for the Direction PLUS brand. This covers Caterpillar, Deitroit Diesel and Cummins EUI (Electronic Injector) with 18month unlimited kilometer warranty (Reman Exchange Only - Conditions apply). As well as the EUI program, Direction PLUS offer Common Rail Diesel Pre Filtration Kits for added protection to your Common Rail fiel system, Common Rail System OE Replacement filters and DPF's (Diesel Particulate Filters) for selected Euro5 and beyond applications. In addition to this, Turbochargers NZ deals with a large network of Diesel Fuel Injection repairers enabling us to offer service exchange injectors and injection pumps for the common applications and repairs for almost every application, be it passenger car, comercial, agricultral, stationary or construction including many Common Rail applications.

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Diesel Filtration  

Pre-filtration of you diesel prior to it reaching your common rail fuel pump is the key to the long life of your costly Common Rail Diesel system. These filter kits are complete for the application they are designed for and come with the following:

  • 30 Micron Pre Filter Assy
  • 30 Micron Pre Filter
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Fuel Fitting & Mounting Kit
  • Fuel Hose
  • Fitting Instructions
Also available are O.E. Replacement Common Rail Fuel Filters for selected vehicle models including Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, Ford Transit, Great Wall, Hyundai, Peugeot, Renault and Ssangyong with more coming soon.
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EUI Injectors

EUI Injectors for Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel and Cummins applications. 

18 Month Unlimited Kilometer Service Exchange Injectors (Conditions apply). Please call with the part numbers off your original injectors for pricing. 
Did you know there are more than 1 Million Detroit Diesel Series 60 engins currently in use aroiund the world?
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DPF's (Diesel Particulate Filters)

Diesel Particulate Filters or DPF’s form part of the exhaust system and are critical in the next generation of Euro emissions. We have all heard of Euro 3, Euro 4 and Euro 5. These are particulate emission regulations adopted as a world wide standard. As fuel injection technology like common rail continues to evolve to meet these targets, so too must the requirements of the technology that limits the material or ‘soot’ that comes out of the tailpipe as well as Nitrous Oxide or NOx. One successful way manufacturers can use the same engines and technology to meet these requirements is by using a DPF.

As the owner of a vehicle with a failed DPF, you have the option of taking the vehicle back to the OEM/Dealer (The vehicle brand representive). The OEM/Dealer can clear the code and hopefully complete a ‘static burn’. That is, the OEM/Dealer plugs in a tool which gets the engine up to run hot enough then starts the regeneration process while the vehicle is not moving. This option is usually only available at the OEM/Dealer as these tools are not widely available. So what does the OEM/Dealer do???? CHAAARGE!!!
What happens if the DPF is too clogged and a static regeneration cannot occur? The DPF wound need to be replaced.... These parts are traditionally only available through the OEM’s (Nissan for Nissan, Peugeot for Peugeot, and so on). So what do the OEM’s do???? You guessed it! CHAAAAAAAAARGE!!!!
For example, a DPF for a Nissan Navara can be worth anywhere up to NZ$10,000! A Peugeot 307 (only worth ~NZ$5000 for the car) fetches up to $8000... So what do you do? Crush the car...? 
NO. You contact us to buy a more cost effective Direction PLUS DPF at a less than the OEM/Dealer price. Contact us with your vehicle details to see if we have one for your vehicle.
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Glow Plugs

Diesel engines, unlike Gasoline or Petrol engines, do not use Spark Plugs to induce combustion. Instead, they rely solely on compression to raise the temperature of the air to a point where the diesel will combust spontaneously when introduced to the hot high pressure air. The high pressure and spray pattern of the diesel ensures a controlled, complete burn. The piston rises, compressing the air in the cylinder; this causes the air's temperature to rise. By the time the piston reaches the top of its travel path, the temperature in the cylinder is very high. The fuel mist is then sprayed into the cylinder; it instantly combusts, forcing the piston downwards, thus generating power. The pressure required to heat the air to that temperature, however, necessitates the use of a large and very strong engine block.

The problem solved by the Glow Plug occurs when starting a diesel engine from cold, especially in cold ambient temperatures, when the thermal mass of the metal comprising the combustion chambers (cylinder block, cylinder head, piston) more readily absorbs the heat energy created by the friction of the piston/cylinder interface and of compressing the incoming air such that the combustion chamber temperature is insufficient to support self-combustion. In these conditions, the glowplug is temporarily activated to add a hotspot within the combustion chamber until the residual temperature of the combustion chamber achieves the level required to support self-combustion.

For that reason Indirect Injected Diesel engines are manufactured with glow-plugs in each prechamber, and Direct Injected Diesel engines are manufactured with glow-plugs in each combustion chamber.

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