• Part Number: TS-0502-1040
  • Model Number: ProGate50-EWG
  • OEM Part Number: TS-0502-1040
  • Application: Where a 50mm external wastegate (EWG) is required. The most common reason for investing in an external wastegate is fitting an after-market turbo or better control of the boost and consequently the power output of your engine. Additionally, most large frame turbochargers are not equipped with internal wastegate systems. Most tuners will recommend an external wastegate for any engine producing 400hp or more.
  • Price: Special NZ$600+GST (Normally NZ$855.56+GST)
  • Description:

    Turbosmart ProGate50. 50mm External Wastegate (EWG) with V-Band connections. Comes with V-Band Clamps and Weld Tube connections. Blue 14psi. 

    We have 1 only available that has been out of its packet and the instructions have gotten dirty. The ProGate50 is un marked and has not been fitted. All fittings are present as is the Turbosmart CD-ROM and Decal. 1 Only - First come, first served. See photos.



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